We will stop an Ant Infestation long before they start marching in! 

Ant colony and ant eggs

Discovering an Ant Infestation in your home can be an uncomfortable and unsettling sight – We’ll make sure to eliminate the issue in a fast and efficient manner.

Ant Overview:

Ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth except for Antarctica. With over
12,000 different species of ants that have been identified, classification of the exact
species can be quite challenging. Luckily, most ants have similar behaviors that aid in controlling and exterminating an ant population.

Quick Facts:

Ants live in colonies and are social insects that divide up the work among castes, much like termites.
Ants leave pheromone trails so fellow ants may follow, this is why in most cases there will not be a single individual ant sighting.
Workers construct nests, seek food, and care for the reproductive caste within the nest.
The queen is the main reproductive caste that can lay tens of thousands of eggs in just a few days and can live for decades in the right environment.

Life Cycle:

Once a colony has matured (closely resembling termite behavior) the reproductive caste will swarm after warm humid weather in order to establish another colony. During the
swarm, the female reproductives will only have to mate once with a male in order to secure a long continuous pregnancy. Once the future queen has landed, she sheds her wings and begins the process of starting a new colony. The male reproductive’s sole purpose is to impregnate the females and do not live much more than a few weeks. After the female’s eggs have been laid and hatched the new workers will begin to construct the nest to accommodate the newly growing colony. After 2 or 3 years the colony will mature and start producing swarming reproductives, initiating the possibility of fresh colonies once again.

Ant Infestation and Ant Control:

It is necessary to first identify the type of ants that are posing the problem. Some ants can be controlled with pesticide while others are controlled best with baiting techniques. Next, the source of the colony must be located in order to truly eradicate the issue.

At Desert Termites, we’ll identify the ant species, find the source, and make sure they are gone for good. Contact us for a FREE in depth home inspection today! We’ll make sure your property is ant free!