Block home, termite safe?

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Is my home safe from termites if I have a block home?

The short simple answer is no. Subterranean termites, the most common type in the deserts of Arizona, live in the soil and travel above ground through “mud tubes” to forage for wood and cellulose. There are many weak areas that termites may enter a block home through and therefore homeowners should be on the look out for these pests.

The typical construction of a block home is built upon footers with a floating slab that possesses thermal expansion joints. These expansion joints are made to ensure no damage is caused to the structure when temperature changes occur allowing the concrete to expand and contract freely. Although the joints are filled either with a sealant or insulation, over time these products may degrade. Termites need just a 1/32” gap or crack to enter a home. These expansion joints pose as ideal perimeter weak spot where they may enter to find food. Other areas may be anywhere that objects penetrate the slab such as pipes, drains, electrical conduits, etc. Once inside they may also be able to feed on trims, furniture, and possibly make their way to the wood in the attic.

If you suspect that you may have termites in a block or wood frame house, do not hesitate to contact Desert Termites. We’ll perform a full in depth inspection and provide you with a custom treatment plan.