We’ll make sure roaches are not part of your life!
Out of the common household pests, cockroaches are one of the most unsightly to witness – good thing Desert Termites specializes in Cockroach Treatment!

Cockroach Overview:
Cockroaches can be found everywhere, homes and businesses included. With over 4,600 different species of cockroaches, only 30 are associated with human habitat. Luckily, in Arizona, there are only 5 common species that may be found in homes:

American cockroaches, also known as sewer roaches, prefer a cool wet outdoor habitat to live in. They mostly enter structures through drains.

German cockroaches live predominately indoors in warm and wet conditions. These areas are commonly around the kitchen appliances and in the bathrooms. The German roaches are usually introduced into the home by hitchhiking on items such as appliances, electronics, and moving boxes.

Brown banded cockroaches prefer living indoors in warm and dry habitats. They most commonly nest in higher places such as behind wall décor or on the ceiling. They are introduced into the home much like German roaches, by hitchhike on items.

Oriental cockroaches prefer a cool wet habitat, and are commonly found indoors as oppose to the American roach. They are typically seen near pipes, drains, wall voids, in basements, and bathrooms.

Turkestan cockroaches are the least common of the 5 since they are mainly an outdoor species. However they are greatly attracted to light during the night and may enter a home.

Cockroach treatment:
It is important to first identify the cockroach species. The next step would be to vacuum, sanitize, and removal all trash from bins for maximum treatment efficiency. This will eliminate all food sources as well as illuminate possible harborage areas. Once this is completed, a baiting technique will be the most effective method of eradicating a cockroach population.

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