We’ll stop the nightly cricket chorus!

Cricket Overview

Crickets come in over 900 different species and are part of the Gryllidae family. They are mainly nocturnal as they try to avoid Arizona’s high daytime temperatures making detection difficult. Although crickets do not pose any direct health concerns, they are more of a nuisance with their nightly chirping. However, crickets are a primary food source for many spiders and scorpions meaning cricket control is a definite must to prevent other much more harmful predators from appearing!

Cricket control

In order to rid a property of crickets, the first step would be habitat manipulation. Crickets hide in cracks and crevices during the day that include spaces under rocks, stones, fallen leaves, wood, etc. It is important to make areas undesirable to prevent nesting. Next, the traditional pesticide application is highly effective for treating areas that cannot be changed such as the fence line, foundation perimeter, large decorative rocks, etc. Once completed the powerful barriers will provide long lasting protection and prevent any cricket infestation.

If you’ve seen crickets on your property, call us for a FREE in depth home inspection today! We’ll make sure crickets are not part of your home or business again!