Termite Treatments

We pride ourselves in providing unique specialized termite treatments for your needs.

Depending on the species of termites, location, and level of infestation, our highly trained staff will walk you through the recommended treatment options that are best suited for your specific needs.


The most effective and common treatment for termite control is a liquid barrier. The treatment begins with trenching that is done around the entire structure. The areas where concrete is present is drilled. The termiticide is then applied within the site to treat the soil underneath the foundation. The termiticide will also be applied along the trench to create a secure barrier protecting your home from future infestations as well as eradicate the current termite population.

We use genuine Termidor for all of our treatments in order to successfully eradicate all the termite activity and provide long lasting protection. Termidor is a non repellent termiticide that termites cannot detect when they travel back down into the soil. This means that the termites will unknowingly travel through the barrier and carry it back to the colony where they will contaminate the rest of the population. Within 30-90 days the entire population will cease to exist, at which point the technician will return and inspect the property to confirm that the treatment was successful.


All of our treatments are fully guaranteed to exterminate any termite infestation. Most of the treatment plans also come with warranties, some up to 5 years on services rendered. If at any time during the warranty, termites should return, we’ll provide another treatment free of charge.